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Students and their parents should be aware that after school, if the student goes to a commercial area that is posted “NO LOITERING” to hang out with their friends, they are subject to being cited by the school police or San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  This includes being inside a store or restaurant without making a purchase, skateboarding, or bicycle riding when the parking lot is so posted, or just loitering about the parking lot.  Additionally, students riding bikes or skateboards in these locations that do not have helmets will be cited for not wearing helmets in accordance with the law. 

Laws prohibiting minors in possession of tobacco are strictly enforced.  Narcotics violation(s) may mean a trip to juvenile hall.  A citation, at the least, involves a trip to court, and a probable fine and community service hours.  Both the school police and the Sheriff’s Department often receive complaints of juvenile misconduct in the commercial business areas, and do respond to these complaints.  This is in reference to California State laws, which go beyond school rules.

It is not advisable for parents to allow their children to go to these shopping areas, with the arrangement that the parent will pick them up later, especially on minimum days. 

Student Handbooks

Chaparral’s student handbook is a good resource for information about our school and expectations.  All students should be respectful of other students’ opportunities to learn.  Please refer to the handbook for specific information about Dress Code, Electronic Devices, and possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol, or any controlled substance.


Step-by-Step for Google Meet
For those students that are having trouble or are confused about how to get into your meetings, you enter your meeting by going in through your calendar.
To find your calendar.
  1. Open up a Google page
  2. on the right hand side, click on the "Waffle" (the 9 dots shaped in a square)
  3. Choose the Calendar app 
  4. Look on today's date for an appointment
  5. click on the appointment, and the appointment will open up.  You will see a link that you can click on or a blue box for Join with Google Meet.
  6. Click the Link or the Blue Box (depends on which one the teacher made available)
  7. If you get a message that you cannot start a meeting, that means you are there before the teacher.   Wait a little while and try the link again.  The teacher should be there by the time of the scheduled meeting.

Here are the links to the digital handbooks.