Yearbook/Graduation/Student Pictures

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Pricing for pictures are:

Senior Package includes ($50.00):

1-2.5x3.5 (8 wallets)




Individuals (not included in the package):

2.5x3.5 (8 wallets) $7.00

4x6 $9.00

5x7 $9.25

8x10 $10.00

8x12 $10.75

11x14 $11.00

12x18 $13.00

Full Resolution Digital $35.00 with print release

Link to your Cap & Gown pictures: Click Here

Link to the Mt. High pictures: Contact Us

Link to Graduation Day: Contact Us

All orders will be sent to your physical address, no PO Boxes.

If you have any questions,  [email protected] or 760-684-0641 




Photo Submission for School Yearbook

Make sure their quality is suitable for printing

Make sure that your photos are in good quality. Easy ways to know if your photo is good to print are:

  • The bigger the file size is, the better. If your file is less than 1MB, then it is surely a low-resolution photo. These might look good online but not so much when printed.
  • The longest side should be measured at least 1000px. Avoid using a photo that is very small when you view them on your computers.
  • If you see pixels, do not use it! Pixels make up a digital photo file. A photo that is high quality will have higher pixel density that causes the pixel to be almost invisible unless you zoom in. The moment you see visible pixels will be a sure sign that you have a low-resolution photo at hand.

Explain what is going on in the photo

Make sure there is a description as to what is going on in the photo, who, what, where, & when.


Deadline for all yearbook photo submission will be: April 1.

Sending in your photo

Currently, you can email your photos to [email protected]  

Will every photo get into the yearbook?

I will make every effort to get all photos into your yearbook. Some of the reasons that they may not make it into the yearbook would be; duplicate pictures, blurry, quality too small, & or inappropriate. 




Here is a link to Senior Cap & Gown: Contact Us

Here is a link to ALL the pictures I took on your Grad Day. You will be able to download whatever you want for free!

Graduation Day: Contact Us

Enjoy, and once again, YOU DID IT!

If you have any questions, [email protected] or 760-684-0641.


2019/2020 Chaparral Yearbook